Bluwave Tir Na N' Og Rhythmical (Ptd)

* Watch for Cian in the Am-Bred Class at the CCA Nationals 4/9 -4/12 2014
'Cian' (Ptd.) 10 points
D.O.B. Oct 9, 2012
Sire: Ch. Tir Na N' Og Criminal Type
Dam: Ch. Tir Na N' Og Bluwave's Simply Elegant
AKC Reg # DN35245201
Cian was bred by Bluwave Collies and co-bred with Erin Blaisure (Tir Na N' Og).He was named for the famous Russian- bred Calvary horse once traded for 150 washing machines who went on to become one of the most famous horses on the AGA Grand Prix Showjumping scene (a sport I was involved in before dogs so is very special to me), he was my all time favorite horse and what got me into Showjumping.The minute Cian was born he cought my eye and heart.

We have decided to Change Rowan's name to Cian ( pronounced Kee-an), He is named for his 3 x Great Grandsire (Who I had the pleasure of meeting many years ago).Nairne's Flame N' Fields O' Sno 'Cian" who can also be traced back not only to Ella as Cian was her great Grandsire; but most importantly to my heart dog Tristan as well as Cian was Tristan's Grandsire so as you can see why the name is very important to me.But to also go with our "Show Jumping" Theme, the great Irish International Show jumper Cian O'Connor also came to mind.

Cian has the sweetest temperament and is a reminder of both his mother and Grand mother ( Ch. Tir Na N' Og Br'lantly Ds'gysd "Jordan"). We have been wanting to add another male here so we will be keeping Cian for a bit to grow him out.. We have high hopes for this young man. Cian is a White factored blue merle & possiably Rough factored as well.Watch  for him at the specialites and all-breed shows in April 2013.It's offical Cian is now Bluwave Tir Nan N' Og Rhythmical.. Unfortunately we have hit a temporary road block in Cian's Show career. The road block has been lifted and Cian went to his first shows on 7/5-7/7 and a successful weekend it was.. Cian came home with a total of 4 points in 1 weekend.NEWS... in just 3 weekends out Cian is now minored out he now sits on 9 points and will be back out later to search for his majors.At his first specialties and first shows since Nov. Cian takes back to back 4 pt major reserves on Sat under Judges Maret Halinen and Anne Cross and Goes WD for 1 point Sunday under Tim Garrison unfortunately no cross over so no major.. Now we finish our vacation. Cian will be back out at CCA nationals in Springfield,MA in April 2014.  


  • 7/5/13 - Winners Dog 1 point Kenilworth K.C. Judge: Robert Slay just 8.5 months old first weekend out.
  • 7/6/13- Winners Dog   2 points Farmington Valley K.C. Judge : Tom Hale 
  • 7/7/13-  Winners Dog  1point Naugatuck Valley K.C. Judge: Col Joe. Purkhiser
  • 8/24/13- Winners Dog/Best of Winners 2 points Newtown K.C. Judge: Lee Brown
  • 8/25/13- Winners Dog / Best of Winners 1 point Elm City K.C. Judge: Bill Daugherty
  • 11/23/13- Winners Dog 2 points Windham County K.C. Judge: Bill Daugherty
  •  2/ 8/14 - AM Show Reserve Winners Dog 4 pt Major CCLI Judge: Maret Halienen
  •  2/8/14 - PM Show Reserve Winners Dog 4 Pt Major CCCT Judge: Anne Cross 
  •  2/9/14 - Winners Dog 1 point HSCC Judge: Tim Garrison 

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